Emily Ellingson

Emily is a California native growing up in the Bay Area. She began playing basketball at the age of four. Emily grew up in a family of athletes with both her mother and father playing college sports. Playing and competing at a high level was a family trait that Emily carried on. Emily was the captain of her high school basketball team in her junior and senior years of high school. She led her team to their league championships during those two years. Emily continued her basketball career in college. She was the captain of her college team there as well. Emily ended up retiring from her basketball career early due to a foot injury. That did not stop her desire to be around the sport. Emily went on to help coach for Top Flight Elite in the bay area for five years. Emily helped to operate an AAU basketball skills camp for Top Flight Elite during those five years as well. She operated as a developmental coach and helped several athletes with shot development and ball-handling specifically.

Emily’s love for sports created a drive to continue learning how to train her body outside of a sports setting. She recognized the gaps that athletes can feel are left in them once the competition has ended for them. Emily has first-hand knowledge of how an athlete can struggle to transition out of their sport. She took the same mindset that she applied to play basketball at a high level and began to learn about fitness outside of athletics.

Emily became a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer to help others learn how to train their bodies as well. She moved down to Los Angeles in 2021 and became an intern at Heart and Hustle Fitness before being hired as a full-time trainer. Emily loves helping people reach their personal fitness goals. Emily understands that everyone’s journey to fitness is a personal one. She strives to help train the physical body as well as the mental fitness of her clients. Emily loves to meet her clients at the level that they are at and help them to cultivate a plan that reaches their fitness goals.